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                        Call us before you make any mistakes!  Our designers will guide you through your project . . . 
                        every step of the way.  From floor plans to furniture, kitchens to kid's rooms - we'll work with you 
                        and your contractor . . . translating your vision to your space.
                        Form follows function.  Describe how the space needs to work for you and your family . . . 
                        then we'll make it pretty!  Redesign, repurpose, reinvent - let's do it together.
                        House Call--
                        This is our favorite!  By taking your furniture - your individual style - and combining it with new ideas 
                        and accessories, our designers can ultimately create a new space.  (And we'll do it while you're at work!)
                        We'll give you every idea and every option we can come up with in an hour . . . longer if you like.  
                        (Fee waived with House Call.)

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