If you are Having problems viewing this Video Flythrough, your computer may not have the Quicktime 7 player installed correctly.  Follow the directions below to get quicktime.  

If you are having problems with the images not displaying correctly (poor image quality-too dark or too light) your monitors settings may need to be adjusted: click the screen check icon for a monitor screen test  .

If you are using a slower Internet connection, the video should automatically begin to play, however, when the play head catches up to the portion of the video that has not yet been downloaded, the video will restart from the beginning.  If this interferes with your enjoyment of the video,  press the pause button and wait until the video is completely loaded before pressing the play button.

About Quicktime   

QuickTime is a leading cross-platform multimedia technology. More than 10 million copies of QuickTime are downloaded every month. And more than 20,000 applications and content CDs include QuickTime, with hundreds more licensed every month. In addition, more than 200 models of digital video cameras use QuickTime to capture or display their files. It is free to download and installation is easy.

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To be able to view this Video Flythrough on your computer (Windows or Macintosh) you must have QuickTime 7 from Apple Computer, Inc. downloaded and installed on your computer.  For more information on Quicktime: visit www.apple.com/quicktime/download