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Urinary incontinence pads, briefs and protection for men and women.

Absorbent Incontinent Products

Incontinence products typically include shields, undergarments, protective underwear, briefs, diapers and underpads.

Other names for these products are: Adult Diapers, Protective Underwear, Incontinence Briefs, Belted Undergarments, Beltless Undergarments, Disposable Briefs, Reusable Briefs, Incontinence Pads, Pant and Pad Systems, Underpads, Catheters Wipes

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Incontinence Products


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Types of Incontinence and the products to help you regain your freedom.

Many men, women and children all over the world suffer from incontinence. However, with the right products, treatment and equipment incontinence can be kept under control.

There are two types of incontinence. The first type is urinary incontinence; which means you are unable to physically control urination. The second type is fecal incontinence; which means you are unable to control defecation.

Urinary incontinence is described as the body's involuntary loss of urine. It's often a temporary situation and it is usually caused by another underlying medical condition. There are various forms of urinary incontinence with the most common being stress incontinence.

Stress incontinence is caused by actions such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, exercising or other physical movements that put extra amounts of pressure on your bladder. Pegnancy, childbirth, and menopause can often cause women to develop stress incontinence. Women experience urinary incontinence more than men and incontinence can also be caused by things like neurological injuries, strokes, birth defects, multiple sclerosis and other general physical problems that are associated with aging.

There are various other causes for incontinence and assorted treatments to help stop it. Urinary incontinence is usually treatable and sometimes curable and there are many products on the market that can assist in protecting you from incontinence accidents. Many any people are too embarrassed to seek medical help for their condition or to go into a store and purchase products for incontinence that can assist them and help them regain their freedom.

Adult incontinence products such as incontinence pants, incontinence diapers, urine bag holders, disposable underpads and catheters are available to help you control the condition as much as possible. Many of these items are easily obtained to help keep you dry and comfortable in case of an accident and they can be ordered online for discreet delivery to your home.

Fecal incontinence is also more common in women than in men. It's even more common in older adults than in younger people. There are several causes for fecal incontinence and it can be treated and made easier to manage. Many people who have fecal incontinence feel ashamed and embarrassed. A lot of people with this condition are afraid to leave the house in case they have an accident in public. disposable briefs also known as adult diapers, mentioned below, are most effective for protection against faecal incontinence.

Most in incontinence products are designed for both men and women, however certain incontinence product manufacturers and brand names specialize in incontinence pads for men as well as incontinence in children and youths and bed wetting. The protective products commonly used for bed wetting are called underpads.

Most incontinence products that are used for urinary incontinence can also be used for fecal incontinence. These include incontinence pants, incontinence diapers and incontinence pads. For heavy fecal and urinary incontinence disposable briefs are highly effective protection. For light to moderate incontinence you can use reusable briefs or pant and pad systems.   All of these types of products can be purchased online and delivered to your home effectively eliminating the embarrassment of having to purchase these products at your local store.